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I am a small farm located in south Tennessee.  I have owned, shown and bred miniature horses for almost 20 years and cannot imagine my life without them. 

My horses are all very friendly and love people.  They are all vaccinated yearly and have quarterly deworming and farrier trims.  They are my babies and are spoiled rotten!   They also have excellent bloodlines and conformation.  The full pedigrees of all my horses can be seen at www.allbreedpedigree.com

I breed for color, conformation, pedigree and most importantly temperament.   My foals are all imprinted and handled from birth.  I usually wean at about 4-5 months of age, but every foal is a little different.  I accept payment plans and will give show discounts, gelding discounts and multiple horse discounts as well.  I can also do an in-utero sale or special breeding (where you pick the stallion and mare) if someone is interested.

I am very proud of my herd stallions Frontiers Little Ben and Cedar Rails Rendezvous with Destiny.  Ben is a 2010 AMHR National Top Ten Halter Stallion with minimal showing.  I hope to have Desi in the showring in 2017 to see what he can do.  My stallions are available for stud services to approved mares so contact me for details if interested.

Watch for me in the showring in the future.

I love to talk about my horses and will welcome any inquiries/questions.

My contact information is:

                  Heather Clark

                  1590 Amos Hamlett Road

                  Pulaski, TN 38478



Mazzie, Misty and Cindy in the Pasture Summer 2009